Wig Care: How to Store Wigs

Whatever You Need to Find Out About Storing Your Wigs 

Store Wigs

You’ve understood ordering wigs online, styling wigs and placing them on, and cleansing and washing your wigs, yet have you determined exactly how to store your wig? 

Wigs are a big investment. And also while we understand that all wigs lose their natural radiance as well as beam in time, there are some things you can do to make your wig last even longer, consisting of discovering exactly how to store your wig effectively. 

Understanding how to keep a wig is a guaranteed way to boost the total top quality of your wig and also keep it looking fresher, longer. 

Whether you put on synthetic wigs, heat-friendly synthetic wigs, or their a lot more costly older sister, human hair wigs, below are some tried-and-true ideas to help keep your wig looking amazing. 

Wig Storage Space: General Policies. 

Store Wigs

Human Hair Wig Storage vs. Synthetic Wig Storage. 

In a lot of wig maintenance and treatment locations, there’s a big distinction between exactly how you treat human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. But when it comes to wig storage, there is no distinction! 

The appropriate storage space approach for both kinds of wigs is specifically the very same. 

Clean it before you keep it. 

Putting away a wig before cleaning it is like placing unclean recipes back in the closet: your meals will get back at dirtier in the closet than they were when you placed them there. 

To keep your wig’s top quality for the lengthiest possible amount of time, clean your wig before placing it away. 

* Note: NEVER place your wig away damp. If the wig hair or cap is damp when you put your wig away, it will certainly bring in dust, mold, mildew, and various other not-so-nice chemicals. 

Store Your Wig Out of Straight Sunlight. 

Store Wigs

Wigs are made to stand up to a great deal, yet there are certain points you should stay clear of performing with your wig. 

Primary on that particular list of things not to do with your wigs? Saving your wigs in straight sunshine or warm areas. 

Sunshine and also warmth will bring the shade of your wig as well as break down the hair fibers. If you save your wig in direct sunlight, not just will it have a discolored look actually however it will certainly likewise be weak. 

If your wig spends way too much time in the heat, it can even begin to break down. 

Store your wigs in a dry, trendy area. 

Stockpile on Hairnets. 

Yes, those hairnets. 

Your mom wore to keep her best bun in place at church and while she was baking your favorite after-school snack. 

If you want your wig to keep its design while it’s in storage, purchase some top quality hairnets. 

When you placed a hairnet over your wig while you aren’t wearing it, you’re encouraging the style to stay in place, much like how hairnets urge styles to stay in location while they get on your head (we see you, Kate Middleton). Carefully put a suitably sized hairnet over your wig before storing it. 

How to Store Wigs at Home. 

Short-Term Storage. 

Save Your Wig in its Box. 

If you turn your wigs daily, which we most definitely recommend, you probably require a short term storage alternative. 

For the short-term, storing your wig in package it came from is the very best technique. 

Wig boxes are created to keep your wig healthy, so they’re the best location to keep them. It’s also simple to stack these boxes, making this a small-space-friendly strategy. 

Before you store your wig, make sure the wig is completely combed and also make sure to spray it with a conditioning spray, like the Revlon Revitalizing Dual Conditioner, to maintain the wig fibers solid. 

Return your wig to its box, cover it, then put it in your wardrobe. 

Folding Your Wig. 

If you don’t still have your wig box, or you require a location to store it taking a trip, folding your wig is a great option. 

To fold your wig correctly, fold it in fifty percent from ear to ear and slip it right into a clean, plastic bag. If you have some convenient, position some cells paper inside the wig to assist it hold its form guaranteed. 

Traveling With a Storage Container. 

Bringing your wig with you on your following getaway? See to it to bring a strong wig storage container with you. 

A wig situation can will help make certain your wig does not get squeezed or tangled up in your luggage. 

If you’re a frequent tourist, it could be worth buying a custom wig box and folding wig stand to use at your traveling location to ensure that you can ensure your wig holds its design while you’re taking a trip. 

Pro tip: ALWAYS travel with at the very least two wigs when you’re going on vacation. Mishaps happen and also you don’t want to be stuck in some away location without a wig to wear! 

Long-Term Storage space.

Wig Stands and Mannequins. 

Any stylist worth their designing cost will tell you that a wig stand or mannequin is the most effective place to store a wig. If you don’t have the area for numerous wig stands, it’s worth purchasing at the very least one wig stand for the wig you usually use. Storing a wig on a mannequin or stand will certainly help preserve your wig’s design as well as shape. 

Buy a Footwear Rack. 

Bear in mind that over-the-door footwear shelf you purchased your daughter or son for their very first dormitory? Those footwear racks are excellent wig storage space tools, specifically if you have several wigs. 

Just make certain you only hang one wig on each ‘foot hold’ as well as you’ll be good to go. 

Everything You Ever Required to Discover Wig Upkeep

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