How do sew in hair extensions videos helps in getting the best style

sew in hair extensions videosDo you want to go to a prom night with your friend or want to attend the marriage of your best friend? And you are in complete chaos about selecting the perfect hairstyle for you, then don’t worry the sew in hair extensions videos will help you in arranging and getting crucial information about the hair extension. The hair extension is one of the most prominent and easiest ways to get ready in no time. 

 Yes, it is easy to get jealous by seeing the models and other people by seeing the hair extension they apply on their hair. Sometimes you also think about how it may be possible to arrange and put this hair extension without taking the help of an expert or professional. So, however, the answer is just by seeing the sew in hair extensions tutorial on the video and get complete knowledge about it. Therefore there are many styles and procedure through which you can understand the certain procedure and way to execute it. 

So here are some procedures and preparation that are very necessary before applying for any hair extensions and these all information can easily be obtained from the videos or the tutorials also: 


  • Doing the preparation 

sew in hair extensions videos

Preparation is one of the most crucial aspects of sewing the hair extensions. In this you need to choose whether you want a human hair or a synthetic hair, always select the synthetic hair because the maintenance of the human hair takes a long time. Select your colour, calculate the length you need, wash the hair and create a part of the extension. 


  • Making the cornrow 


Always start from one side, and then grab the three small and equal size of the hair from the selected hair extension. Then start the crossing of hair in your right hand and repeat this pattern till the end. Always secure the end so that the style should not be disturbed. 


  • Sewing your hair 

sew in hair extensions videos

Sewing the hair is not an easy task, so you need to see the sew in hair extensions tutorial from the video through which you may get an idea that what all necessary steps and procedures are to be done while sewing the hair. As there are threading of the hair through needles, stitching of the hair extension and other important factors are included. So just by seeing the video or tutorial, you will get to know about all the details that are necessary. 


  • Carrying the hair extension 


Taking good care of your hair extension is very important unless and until you will not properly take care of your extension then it will get damaged. So clean your entire hair extension with the help of shampoo and conditioner especially on the end section of the hair extension. You will get an idea as you see the video. 



Hair extension is very delicate things you need to take care of it properly, however, by watching the sew in hair extensions videos you will obtain enough knowledge about the entire process and what all things should be kept in mind.

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